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asked questions

How are Butler Overboots worn?

You’ve invested in good quality shoes for your child, to keep their feet healthy and happy. Let them wear their favorite perfect-fit shoes every day and protect your investment from Mother Nature, knowing they are shielded by Butler Overboots.

Who are Butler Overboots made for?

Presently Butler Overboots are made for children, starting at toddler or little kids of about 2 years of age until 11 years of age, depending on the size of the child.

What sizes do Butlers come in?

Butler sizes range from Toddler/Children’s 8-12 and Youth 13 and 1-3 for true fit over the shoe.

How do the sizes work?

We always recommend going one size UP!  For instance, a size “10” boot may fit well over a 9 high top sneaker. Butlers are made according to American sizes. Read more below to see the European size equivalents.


What size should I buy for my child?

If you don’t have the chance to try the boots on in-store, we recommended that you buy a size larger than your child’s current shoe size. The VELCRO® Brand closure and accordion pleat allow any style of shoe to fit snugly inside. Read more about sizing below.


How do Butlers perform compared with typical rubber rain or wellington boots (ie. “wellies”)?

Butlers are a unique kind of rainboot because they are designed to go right over the child’s shoe. All the child has to do is step into them wearing any pair of shoes, secure the strap and voila! Let the puddle jumping begin.

How did the name “Butler” originate?

Loyal, reliable and always ready to help, Butler is here to make life easier when obstacles like bad weather get in the way. Butlers are designed to simplify life and bring a smile to your face.

Where are Butler Overboots manufactured?

Butler Overboots are 100% made in the USA using the highest quality materials in state-of-the-art facilities. The boots are manufactured at the old Studebaker plant in Indiana.

Where can I find a retailer that sells Butler Overboots?

Please check back regularly on our website for updates.

Are Butler Overboots available internationally?

Yes, currently Butlers are available in Great Britain and Korea.

Have Butler Overboots been tested by kids?

We tested the Butler on one of the toughest crowds around (thank you, busy moms!) in Massachusetts, Iowa and wet and snowy Canada.

How do I wash my Butler Overboots?

Simple dish soap and water will remove any scuff and keep the boots looking bright and colorful, even on the dullest of days.

Why are Butlers referred to as “Overboots”?

Butler has reinvented the old-school overboot, also known as overshoes or galoshes, to deliver a bold and instantly iconic brand of protective footwear for kids.

Why is the Butler Overboot logo a penguin?

Just like a penguin, Butlers are playful, lovable and made for splashing about. No matter who you are or where you’re from, Butlers add lovable personality to any look.

What is a Waddle?

The way in which a penguin walks is referred to as a “waddle”. Butler is inviting you to be social, join the conversation and waddle with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+.

I'm interested in carrying Butler Overboots in my store. Who should I contact?

For North America and International, please contact wholesale@butlerboot.com.

Who do I contact regarding other business opportunities?

Please contact us at info@butlerboot.com






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