• Loyal, reliable and always ready to help, Butler is here to make life easier when obstacles like bad weather get in the way. Our unique line of products is playful, lovable and made for splashing about. Slipping into a pair of Butlers really is child’s play. With the liner in, they’re 4-season boots. To turn them into overboots, all kids have to do is remove the liner, step into them wearing any pair of shoes, secure the strap and Voila! Let the puddle jumping begin! No matter where you live, you can count on Butler to simplify your life, all year round.

  • keep your

    shoes on

    You’re invested in good quality shoes for your little ones, to keep their feet healthy and happy. Now with Butler rain boots for girls and boys, you can protect your investment from the elements and let them wear their favorite, perfect-fit shoes every day, whatever the weather. Practical, lightweight and super easy to slip on and off, these stylish and durable rain boots will save you a fortune in getting-ready time – and shoe-shopping bills!.

    The perfect combination of fun, bright style and practical, cutting-edge design, there’s a Butler Wellington boot for every taste and every season. Not only do they keep your little ones’ feet dry, warm and protected, they add instantly lovable personality to every look. Butler rain boots come in a range of fun and unique colors. And thanks to their classic, laidback design, they’ll never go out of style. When this much love goes into a product, you can see it… and feel it.

  • brighten up

    the dullest days

    Rainy days and snow days are perfect for snuggling up in bed or getting cozy in front of the fire. But for little ones, they’re the perfect opportunity for playing and splashing about outside. Well now you don’t have to worry about their tiny toes getting wet and cold thanks to Butler rain boots for boys and girls. Built to stand up to the elements, they keep kids’ feet warm, dry and cozy whatever the weather, slipping over their everyday shoes in a flash.

    An innovative take on the traditional duck boot, Butler rain boots are made with a patented material called Super Duper StretchTech,™ which outperforms all other rain boots on the market when it comes to durability and everyday wear & tear. Plus they come in a range of fun, bright colors like Fire Engine Red and Sunshine Yellow, to brighten up even the dullest days and put a big smile on their face.

  • capturing the spirit

    of childhood

    Butler has reinvented the old-school duck boot to bring parents and their precious little ones a first-of-its-kind overboot that is stylish and fun as it is practical and innovative. With bold, bright colors and easy-on, easy-off design, kids can’t wait for rainy days so they can slip on their Butler rain boots and splash about outside. And moms are happy to let them play all day knowing their little feet (and their favorite shoes) will stay warm, dry and protected whatever the weather has in store.

    Unlike traditional rain boots, Butler overboots slip right over their shoes in seconds, which means less time getting ready and more time making precious new memories. Made in the USA with the highest quality materials, Butlers are practical, durable and built to last season after season. Plus you can carry them anywhere thanks to their flexible and feather-light design. So the next time you get caught in a downpour, you don’t have to drag them inside; you can count on Butler to keep the fun times going all day.

  • simply fits over

    any shoe

    You’ve heard the expression, “So easy, even a three-year-old could do it?” Well nowhere is that truer than when it comes to slipping in and out of Butler rain boots for boys and girls. With their flexible design and patented Big Fan Entry™, any type of shoe can fit comfortably inside Butler wellington boots, from high-top sneakers to ballet slippers. No more wrestling to get dressed in the morning; all kids have to do is step into their Butler wellies, pull over the Velcro® Brand closure system and they’re all set to play in the rain, sleet or snow.

    Little ones love that they can wear their favorite comfy shoes every day. And moms love that their shoes last longer because they’re protected from the elements and everyday wear and tear. Designed with playful kids and busy parents in mind, Butler really has thought of everything. The only thing left is to pick a size and one of the six fun colors, and they’re all ready for a day of puddle-jumping, slush-splashing fun.

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